Gallery 2 – Reflections on Kirkcudbright

This series of photographs depicts common scenes in the photographer’s home town, Kirkcudbright, viewed from unusual perspectives. Some of the photographs give the effect of a painting; others are more abstract – each one reflecting the artist’s affection for his birthplace. The pieces give an experience of one reality flowing into another, allowing the viewer to discover the uniqueness of each scene from different perspectives within in their own mind. The photographs are thought-provoking and sensitive, and are guaranteed to open the viewer’s eyes to a Kirkcudbright they may not have noticed before! Kirkcudbright has been designated as the “Scottish artists’ town”.

TO ORDER prints, please contact me by:  email:; or tel: +44 (0)7732 636196

Click on photos  below to enlarge.

2 Responses to “Gallery 2 – Reflections on Kirkcudbright”
  1. nyika says:

    The mirror/reflections ideas work for me.
    Nice stuff

  2. Nova Brockbank says:

    I reflect, therefore I am.

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