Reflections on Kirkcudbright

Reflections on Kirkcudbright (© Stewart Baillie)Born in 1960 in Kirkcudbright, Stewart Baillie continues to live and work in his home town as a driving instructor. Through his profession he developed a keen sense of observation which he has extended to his recent passion for photography.

Encouraged by public interest in a modest selection of photos that he displayed at the Kirkcudbright Arts and Crafts Trail in 2010, Stewart started to put together a collection of his work. His first exhibition was held last year at the Nail Factory art space in Dalbeattie and highlighted his creative use of light and his talent for composition. Entitled Reflections on Venice, the photos captured his impressions of the city during a summer break, and were taken with a Panasonic Lumix TZ7 digital camera.

The current exhibition, Reflections on Kirkcudbright, depicts common scenes in the artist’s town viewed from unusual perspectives. Some of the photographs give the effect of a painting; others are more abstract – each one reflecting the artist’s affection for his birthplace. The pieces give an experience of one reality flowing into another, allowing the viewer to discover the uniqueness of each scene from different perspectives within in their own mind. The exhibition is thought-provoking and sensitive, with some very striking pieces, and is guaranteed to open our eyes to a Kirkcudbright that we may not have noticed before!

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29 July–1 August 2011: Greyfriars House, Kirkcudbright Art and Crafts Trail
27 June 2011: The Selkirk Hotel, Kirkcudbright – ongoing
11– 24 April 2011: “Reflections on Venice”, The Nail Factory, Dalbeattie
30 July–1 August 2010: Peace Cottage, Kirkcudbright Art and Crafts Trail
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Stewart D Baillie
Tel: 07732 636196;  e-mail:

One Response to “Reflections on Kirkcudbright”
  1. Pamela says:

    This was a wonderful exhibition – very different from any photographic exhibition I have seen. Stewart exhibits a keen eye and seems to be able to capture the unusual in his photos. I look forward to more of Stewart’s work.

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