“Reflectrospective” and “From the reeds” (the Church Project)

draftpostcard_sanquhar01finalView the GALLERY
1-30 April 2014 – “Reflectrospective” – continued into May
A’ the Airts, Sanquhar
open 7 days, 10am – 4pm (Sundays 11am – 4pm)

Stewart explores his fascination with landscape, townscape and reflections, with the majority of his pieces being printed onto thin photo-sensitive anodized aluminium sheets.
Some of his photographs give an impression of naturalistic paintings, while others are more abstract, giving an experience of one reality flowing into another and allowing the viewer to discover the uniqueness of each scene from different perspectives. This exhibition is thought-provoking and sensitive, and not to be missed. The prints are for sale.

Many of Stewart’s photographs give the impression of having been “photoshopped” – however, his work is all the more spectacular as the photographs are “as taken in the  moment”.

draftposter_tolboothView the GALLERY
29 April – 17 May 2014 – “From the reeds” [VIEW SHORT VIDEO]
Tolbooth Art Centre (small gallery), Kirkcudbright
Mon-Sat, 11am – 4pm

This exhibition came about after having been asked by the local parish church minister to take some interesting perspectives of the local church.





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